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We provide Desktop/Laptop & servers of all brands and configurations for rental in and around Chennai, other parts of Tamil Nadu and also in Kerala.

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Laptop rentals in chennai

Who can Hire/Lease/Rent System from Skopsys?

  • MNCs Corporate Companies.
  • Startups
  • Small businesses
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies.
  • Public Institutions.

Laptop rentals in chennai

Our USP Features

  • Specialized only in Computer Rentals
  • Our Customer Retention is 100%.
  • We believe in customer delight and mutual benefit. Thus, over the years, we have built a base of more than thousandhappy customers.
  • Pocket friendly and Cost effective prices
  • Un-Matched Service quality.
  • Zero down time.

  • Wide range and latest technology desktop computer hire products of top brands.
  • Flexible rental plans as per your business requirements.
  • Thinking of bulk?yes we can handle big numbers with ease
  • On time delivery and service.
  • Excellent technical support will be provided to all our customers
  • Upgraded pre-tested systems & equipments.

Advantages of renting a system for your organization


Since IT field upgrade swiftly,you can also upgrade accordingly if you rent a system’


You can save lakhs of rupees by renting systems for your organization than buying it in bulk.


You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your computer.


Renting a system/Laptop is a cost-effective method. If you are a startup, this will help you start operations immediately, without having to invest in huge amounts for new systems.


Unlike owning a computer, a rented computer does not ask you to pay for upgrades. All of this comes standard with PC and laptop rental. And this can save you thousands of rupees every year.


Laptop Rental is a smart choice for the business personnel who need a lightweight, portable, sleek, and a powerful machine. And what’s more ?Youget to Rent/Lease them at a price like never before.

Financial Benefits of Renting Computers

  • Zero depreciation
  • Hedge against inflation.
  • Tax benefits.

  • Working capital free.
  • Reduced risk.

  • Don’t need to concentrate on Asset tracking, maintenance and management.

Call us when

  • You have a new project in pipeline and need hardware for temporary period.
  • when you want to start a business instantly.

  • Running tight on your cash flow or have already overspent your IT budget.

Server Rentals

We also offer a wide variety of servers for rent! We can provide you with a server for any of your needs whether it is a file server, mail server, rack-mount server, database server, etc. When customer takes computers on rent with us, He gets every required services at his door steps.

Server rentals in Chennai